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coming soon...
Yet Another New Album by ARCANE

ARCANE...the band

John Curtis: Drumming
Justin Guinn : Electric Bass Guitar
Evan Rommel: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, and Vocals

Rock Music, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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John Curtis, J Guinn, and Evan Rommel
present: a new CD Album
Audio Engineer: Chris Riggins

available on compact-disque at:
Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Featuring the new songs "Hedgehog" and "Sailin' Song"
and the new instrumental, "Robot"

Coming Soon: A new CD by Arcane
"Big and Famous"
Audio Engineer: Chris Riggins

"Arcane" is a Registered Trademark.

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Cover Art: Hippogryff Ltd. / Belle Artes Italienne de La France
Cover Image by Michaelangelo Donatelli
Photoshop Adjust by EHR
Venus de Milo by Sandro Botticelli
Mocbots by Phil Doutaz
All other images by Hippogryff
Foundations Cover Pedro Romero~Sedeno, all rights reserved

All Images this page copyright 2017 Arcane Band / Wild Bunny Records
Sphinx Observatory 'Big and Famous' CD Cover: copyright 2017 Hippogryff Art Ltd./Pedro R.
'John Curtis Drumming' Photo: copyright 2012 John Curtis