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"Arcane" Band would like to thank....

Chris Riggins; James Lutz;
Patrick Smith;
Bob Reynolds at Sunset Beach Recording;
Bill Johnson 'n' Nick Anderson;
Greg Collins at Legend Picks;
Ibanez Basses;
Paul Reed Smith Guitar Co.;
DW Drums;
John Mullins, Alisa Nurko, Trevor Gale, Tara McDermott, Tim Fink,
and the staff at SESAC;
Amped Performance Space in Albuquerque;
Robert Blea;
Jacy Oliver 'n' Ben Durfee;
Pablo Novellas and The Dirty Novels Band
Raine Vivian and Band;
Alex Devore; Noah Devore;
Jaime Neely for his sage advice;
& for their professional inspiration, and valuable minutes after their shows:
Eric Johnson;
Don Dokken, 'Wild Mick' Brown, Jon Levin, Barry Sparks;
Bobby Blotzer, Robbie Crane, Warren DeMartini, Stephen Pearcy, John Corabi;
John Norum; Jeff Pilson; Kenny Passarelli;
And let us not forget:
Tony Veltri at Italian Village Pizza in Paducah; Ignacio and Darlene Como; Chris Florio; Maurizio Ererra;
Dave Mehl and Matt Hudson;
Tommy Stilwell; Randy Sanderbach; Chester J. Cowalt;
And, Evan would like to thank,
from the old Jam-in-the-Shop-Building days:
Marge Barito; Stephanie Carrington; Travis Sheppard;
Mary T. Meagher; Charlie Mingus; Tim Peyton;
The great Beau Castner;
...and many more
The Cathedral-Basilique for use of the Pipe Organ on 'Ponkacity',
Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt;
the Arcane Worldwide Fanbase Crew;
Kenny Croft, Little Ken, Ray Matthew,
KSFR Radio
and our families.

Arcane 'Foundations' album cover artwork:
'El Sol Nativo', copyright 1993 Pedro Romero-Sedeno / all rights reserved